Friday, February 4, 2011

Nutella love.

As long as I can remember we always had Nutella in the house. Growing up in France everybody had Nutella in their house!! We would eat everything with it, we even ate in with a spoon, just like a lollipop!!! So after I had my children I wanted them love the taste of that little jar from heaven, and so just like me they looooove to eat anything with Nutella, crepes, waffles, brioche to name a few or better yet with a spoon..a jar never last long in my house and I don't buy a tiny little jar, I buy the biggest one I can find and I even have my family send me jars from France, cause to be honest I don't thing they taste the same.

Now this isn't just a random post about my love for Nutella (althought it could be), but I recently read about the World Nutella Day which is on February 5th. It all started 5 years ago on this lady's blog (and it's a good one to have on your favorite!!!) and here (as equally good as the first one). If you want to participate nothing easier, go on either blog and follow the delicious instructions, I know I will!!!!! Don't forget to take pictures of you delicious creations...Have fun.

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