Monday, February 21, 2011

Menu plan monday and a teaser...


It's that time of the week again (boy it never ends!!!! just kidding.) And this week the kids are off for a whole week. So I decided to ask them to each give me a dish they wanted for dinner. This way it makes my meal planning just a smidge easier!!! Also I put back the salmon dish from last saturday, we went out for dinner that day.

And I also wanted to put out there that the Minestrone from PWC  was AWESOME!!! OMG all the vegetables in the soup are fantastic together (although I passed on the mushroom, not a big fan of them) and don't skip on the tumeric touch it makes a big difference in the taste. It's hearty and homy, but it's also something that I would serve for my friends on one of our girls friday lunch, with a nice crusty bread, Mmmmmm....can you see the drool!!!

Ahem....where was I, ah yes meals planning. I also had to have some ideas for lunches for the kids, but it's simple  things like tacos one day, baked chicken fingers and brocolli, homemade mac and cheese that kind of easy stuff.

Monday : Spaghetti and meatballs (Ileana's request)

Tuesady : Black bean stuffed peppers in the crock pot

Wednesday : Breakfast for dinner, which is french toast, sausage and eggs (Massin's request)

Thursday : Sloppy Joe's with buttermilk biscuits (Aylan's request)

Friday : Pasta with pancetta and leeks

Saturday : We'll have friends staying over with us for the week end, so I plan on doing my herbed grilled salmon with the potatoes gratin and and grilled zucchinis.

Now for the teaser part. Can you guess where I'm going with these???
2 plates, a candle stick and a broken cake stand (courtesy of my husband!!)


Emmy said...

Ton menu plan m'inspire!! Surtout les pates pancetta/leeks de PW! Yum!! J'ai faim!!!!!!!!

Elke said...

Moi aussi je pense que je vais faire les pates de PW, ca a l'air trop bon, miam!!

Emmy said...

Alors, c'etait pour quoi le teaser???