Monday, February 23, 2009


I started last week posting my weekly menu, I wasn't sure if somebody was interested en then I had some friends and family member calling me telling me that they likes that new feature in my blog, so here we go again this week.

But I have to say that this week was different, I didn't sit at my kitchen table to plan the week. But this morning after my morning gym at the YMCA I went grocery shopping with my little one, which is not an easy task (if you knew Ileana!!!) and as I was walking between the aisles for the store I put my weekly menu in my head, which wasn't easy since I started yet another diet (but it's another story). So i had to be careful to feed my family with good meals but also be careful of what I need to eat and buy more veggies for me, so here we go...

Monday : Spaghetti and turkey meatballs
Tuesday : Turkey chili (ground turkey was on sale today)
Wednesday : Is left over day
Thursday : I will make another vegetatian lentills soup for me and the family (on the light side!)
Friday : Wild salmon, rice and green beans (it's frozen salmon also on sale, I thought I'll give it a try)
Saturday : Chicken tenders with 3 peppers and tomatoes on bread with cheese for hubby and the kids and with salad for me. (I already have the chicken in the frezeer and canned tomatoes, just bought the peppers)
Sunday : I am hoping for another left over day...

I also have 2 kinds of muffins for breakfast and snacks : banana and chocolate chips muffins, and blueberry coffee cake muffins

Voila, that's it for today, now back to my laundry room, pppfff...

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