Friday, September 30, 2011

Orange is in the air

I have been doing some fall decor lately nothing big, but just enough to get me in the fall mood, and while looking for inpiration I stumble upon some pretty pictures I wanted to share with you. Wheter looking for just some accents or redo a whole room, orange is the color to go. Enjoy



Caroline said...

I love orange! In my house, everything in the main room is orange-accented (with dark brown for wooden parts, or red). And some "spring" green for balance, that I'm actually taking away right now, to make room for Fall!
Post pics of your place once you're done ;)!

Stephanie said...

I'm thinking of buying some pillow and change the cover every season ( or when I'm in the mood of something new). I think that Orange pillow would like great on my couch.