Sunday, March 1, 2009


Well I only have one word to say, HELP !! After visiting some of my favorite blogs and saw how gorgeous all your houses look, it was an inspiration for me. So I decided to do some decoration and cleaning which wasn't easy, because all the people who know me know how much I DISLIKE cleaning and I used a nice word there !! But little by little this week I started putting some framed pictures on the walls, find some nice linen for the bedrooms, some nice decorations and it make a big difference already. And we finally found new sofas (we are looking for 2 years now !!!) So when we receive them I'll take some pictures.

But let's come back to the reason of the title shall we. I have one dark secret which is hauting me for many weeks now, but I keep closing the door on it, so I decided to finally tackle the monster and do my best to make it look better and make it fonctionnal. My pantry, is the pantry of shame, the pantry that swallows everything I put in it to never be found again. I took some pictures to show you the before and please don't be horrified, better days are coming for the pantry...


No words to describe the chaos !!!!

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The Amusing Redhead said...

ok, I wish I had a big pantry like you! I loveyour pantry of shame :-)