Monday, March 23, 2009


Finally it's here, SPRING !!!! Well almost, just half of it. Feels like a hot/cold shower, one day with high temps, blue sky kids playing in the neighborhood, next day move over sunny day here I come rain...Anyway sunnier days are on the way and that's all matters to me. So I wanted a little change on my blog, and wanted something cheery and colorful, and I think this will do. What do you think ?

Also I haven't been present on the blogosphere lately, trying to put the house in order, and decorate a bit more, which is not an easy task, since as soon as I finish one room and get to the other, the 1st room is already trashed aarrgghh!!! Pictures will be posted soon.


Shannon said...

Love the new look! Very cute! I love those birds on the tree. :)

Sandy said...

happy spring!

Anonymous said...

are you arabic ?

The Amusing Redhead said...

Hi Fatiha!

Can you email me at
about French class?